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Stephanie Caraway
Stephanie Caraway
Senior Associate

Stephanie Caraway graduated from Texas Wesleyan School of Law, now Texas A&M School of Law, in 2009. Fresh out of law school, she was faced with the decision to stay in Texas or return to California, from which she hailed. She chose wisely and began running title and performing curative for a large broker in downtown Fort Worth, where she discovered her love for title and the oil and gas industry. Soon thereafter, she joined on with a law firm where she learned the ropes of becoming a title attorney and trained and supervised numerous attorneys under her. She has been a practicing title attorney now for the last 14 years and still claims that there will never be two title opinions exactly alike in terms of complexity and issues. In order to diversify her experience,  Stephanie passed the New Mexico bar in 2012.  She has drafted and reviewed hundreds of title opinions in Texas, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Ohio. In her spare time, she is an avid reader, amateur gardener and Pilates enthusiast. She enjoys watching her son, Truitt, play baseball, craft time with her daughters, London and Carter, and long walks with her golden retriever, Pepper (who is 100% my dog, John).



University of California Davis (B.A. English, 2006)

Texas Wesleyan School of Law (J.D., 2009)



State Bar of Texas

State Bar of New Mexico

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